Mailing Lists

Get The Customized and Targeted Mailing Lists For All GEO Locations

Email Lists For All GEO Locations

Email Lists For All GEO Locations

At eSalesData, we take half the effort out of marketing your product with our custom targeted lists. Most products have a certain niche that actively makes repeat purchases. We specialize in identifying those niches. Based on a thorough review of your product and sales strategy, our list building experts custom create a list of prospects who are highly inclined towards your particular offering.

We can also provide you with a list of leads based on your own specifications. To this end we offer the following consumer selects, among others,

  • Geographic Location
  • Household Income
  • Occupation
  • Age Range
  • Gender
  • Size of Home
  • Recent Mail Order Purchasers
  • And many, many more!

If you’re looking to find the finest, segmented B2B lists we’d be happy to oblige and can supply all of the following selects and more besides,

  • Company Size
  • Number of Employees
  • Job Titles
  • Annual Sales/Revenue
  • SIC Code
  • Multi-Branch Businesses
  • And hundreds more!

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About esalesdata

eSalesData is one of the fastest growing market specialist in delivering Sales leads, email/data appending, application development and online marketing solutions.


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