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2013!! Time To Upgrade Lead Generation Techniques

This year has been a witness to some great lead generation approaches. Interestingly small businesses have been able to write off some of the most successful marketing stories through unique lead generation techniques. Endless list of marketing strategies thrived within start-ups and marketers are now looking for the trends that worked well in the past … Continue reading

Things To Do: Checklist For Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

Good News!! The mega holiday season is coming! As people get ready with their holiday planner, most of the marketers get ready to release their entire bumper marketing campaigns. Here are some facts that induces the marketers to do so: Tillman survey says, an average American spends 24% of his annual income during the period of Thanksgiving and … Continue reading

Logos: The Marketing Success Story!!

Logos, for long, have been the essence of registered brand identity. With logos that are unique, creative and memorable, it is the design process that decides the success story. So what is one that thing that holds immense importance in business promotion? Well, of course it’s a logo of the concerned company. Across all the … Continue reading

The Most Comprehensive CEO Lists in America

As the highest ranking executive within an enterprise, the Chief Executive Officer personifies an elite cadre of businessmen who hold the most power in the organizational hierarchy. As a result, they wield considerable influence when determining company policy and when making vital purchasing decisions. Remember, when dealing with CEOs, it’s important to convey exactly how … Continue reading

Gain Access To CFO’s Throughout World

Often, the Chief Financial Officer of an organization plays a more direct role than his executive counterparts when it comes to handling important purchases and large asset procurement. This, in addition to financial accountability, makes the CFO a very busy and hard to contact individual. In that regard, multi-channel direct marketing is an excellent sales … Continue reading

Target High Level Executives With eSalesData CIO Lists

A Chief Information Officer is responsible for creating and implementing a company’s practices and goals with respects to information technology. He is also responsible for IT security and managing internal and external security resources. As CIO, the individual plays an integral part in fulfilling most of a company’s day-to-day information transactions If you’re in the … Continue reading

Your Response, Our Success: eSalesData Proudly Launches Lawyer Mailing List

Looking to the customers demand and trends across the world, eSalesData has come up with yet another unique product that surely helps its thousands of customers. After 6 months of rigorous research and data collection, finally eSalesData has successfully launched lawyer mailing lists. All the data sourced from national bar association, journals, disciplinary agencies, court systems, … Continue reading

eSalesData Help You to Get in Touch With CMOs From All GEO Locations

Despite playing one of the most daunting executive roles within an organization, CMOs aren’t known for having especially long tenures. A Chief Marketing Officer will handle a host of responsibilities ranging from product development to pricing to the logistics involved in any marketing campaign. And since marketing isn’t exactly a science and relies more on … Continue reading

10 Easy Tips To Increase Your Facebook Fan Engagement

Facebook marketing is not only about what you say, it’s also about when you say and how you say it. Facebook’s new timeline that rolled out earlier this year created immense opportunities for marketers to engage with their fans. Marketers have played with different design elements like cover images, private messages, and pinned posts, but … Continue reading

Beep Beep!! It’s Your Email Calling!!!

Whether it is a fancy ringtone or a mere vibration, a call jiggles up your mind and your hand involuntarily reaches out for it. Such is the mobile mania!! In today’s fast paced business where you are required to stay active 24*7, mobile qualifies to be the most trusted business device. According to a survey from … Continue reading