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Beep Beep!! It’s Your Email Calling!!!

Phone-SupportWhether it is a fancy ringtone or a mere vibration, a call jiggles up your mind and your hand involuntarily reaches out for it. Such is the mobile mania!!
In today’s fast paced business where you are required to stay active 24*7, mobile qualifies to be the most trusted business device. According to a survey from Litmus:
 more email is now read on mobile(36%)
 on a desktop (33%)
 via mail (31%)
And this trend is going to continue over 2016 when it is predicted that730 million accounts will be accessed from mobile devices.
Lot many emails are looked through and accessed through mobile phones and your customers and prospects are all part of the go. So as a marketer it is imperative that your email marketing correspondence can be easily viewed in every type of device.
If you are wondering how? Here are few easy to follow tips to ensure that your emails are optimized for all the devices:
1.   Keep in mind- The time:
Studies shows that email open rates are maximum in the early morning and the late evening. So target accordingly.
2.   Implement the KISS principle:
Keep it short and simple, so that users can read your email with two finger strokes. Just for precaution keep your subject line within 15 characters.
3.  Test the text version of your email:
Make sure that emails are load properly and layouts are readable in most of the devices. Subscribers would lose interest if the mail doesn’t display properly.

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