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10 Easy Tips To Increase Your Facebook Fan Engagement

facebook fan incrementFacebook marketing is not only about what you say, it’s also about when you say and how you say it. Facebook’s new timeline that rolled out earlier this year created immense opportunities for marketers to engage with their fans.

Marketers have played with different design elements like cover images, private messages, and pinned posts, but they still do not have a proper understanding of how to optimize and engage with your fans.

According to study from Social Media Examiner, Likes (79% of all interactions), comments (15%) and shares (6%) and each of them can provide excellent opportunity for engaging with your fans. So let us discuss 10 easy tips to increase fan engagement in Facebook:

  1. When to post: Best time to post on Facebook is during the non-busy hours of 8pm to 7am..
  2. Best day to post: Research has shown that on Wednesday and Sunday, the engagement level is 8% higher, comparatively to any other weekday.
  3. Frequency of post: In Facebook, quality matters not quantity. One or two brand posts receive 32% higher “Likes” rate and 73% comment rates compared to 3 posts a day.
  4. Effective post schedule: You can achieve maximum fan engagement by posting one to four times that produces 71% more fan engagement than posting more than 6 times in a week.
  5. Length of posts: Wall posts having 80 characters and less receive 66% higher fan engagement. Extreme concise post between one and 40 characters generate highest user engagement.

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