Logos: The Marketing Success Story!!

Logos MarketingLogos, for long, have been the essence of registered brand identity. With logos that are unique, creative and memorable, it is the design process that decides the success story.

So what is one that thing that holds immense importance in business promotion? Well, of course it’s a logo of the concerned company. Across all the marketing and advertising channels of company be it through bill boards, brass sign letters, magazines, online postcards or even packaging, your logo should be consistent, recognizable and memorable.

Parameters of an ever successful logo:

  1. Be simple: Simple logos are easily recognizable and memorable. Logos that have their own individuality, personality and unique are sole establishers of brand identity.
  2. Timeless and memorable: Ask questions like “Will your logo stand the test of time”? Manage your logo design accordingly. Consistency across all marketing channels would ensure constant visibility and would strike out as memorable.
  3. Versatility: Logos should work well across all mediums; therefore logo design should be in vector format. Start designing your logo in black and white and see how it comes up. Also maintain the cost of printing that can fluctuate according to the size and design.

So why design matters?

Creating an effective logo design that stands out among the clutter and easily attracts and sticks to customer attention require careful bit of planning and execution. People are daily exposed to millions of images and brand visuals, so to design your logo that sticks to customer’s consciousness and gets effectively glued builds the essence of logo design.

Steps of Design Process 

  1. Design brief: Have a one to one interaction or conduct a questionnaire survey with the client to understand the design brief.
  2. Research: Analyze the industry and competitors, solve the problem first, and then design.

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