2013!! Time To Upgrade Lead Generation Techniques

b2b lead generation techniquesThis year has been a witness to some great lead generation approaches. Interestingly small businesses have been able to write off some of the most successful marketing stories through unique lead generation techniques.

Endless list of marketing strategies thrived within start-ups and marketers are now looking for the trends that worked well in the past year. Here are a few those made their mark:

1. Blog, Bloggers, Blogging!!

Undeniably the most widely accepted norm of business promotion. Don’t you agree? If yes, you have reached the pinnacle of marketing enlightenment. If not, let’s throw some exciting highlights from Hubspot:

  • Companies that blog 15 times or more times per month get 5* times more traffic than companies who don’t blog.
  • Small business gain immense impact when more articles are posted.
  • B2B companies that blog 1-2 months generate 70% more leads.

2. Ho, ho, ho – Don’t ignore your SEO!!

Small companies basically have limited resources to reach out to wider markets, so SEO comes to their rescue to generate considerable amount of traffic, fostering lead generation.

3. Social Media- Rocks!!

Oh yes, this medium of communication really works. Make your presence dominant by creating profiles over Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and add as many targeted viewers as possible and witness the incoming of leads.

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